GASTEROPODI CATHEDRAL Oratorio di San Mercurio, Palermo Manifesta12 Palermo Capitale Cultura 2018 Sand and neon light come together to build castles with religious shape from all the world. The cross, Tha hand of Fatima, The star, The half moon, The triangle, all these forms are very commun in religion and in my work I build sand castles with these shapes and I through everyone with neon light, symbol of enlightenment. Gasteropodi are the shells abandoned on the beach, they became a new house for little clams, until the animal is too large to stay inside. Sand cathedrals will be destroyded by time, but the neon light will remain instead, strong and immutable Gasteropodi Cathedral , sand, neon lights, 2018, variable size (pictures 5x8m)
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